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Planning ahead

Planning ahead

Humans seem to focus on their immediate surroundings and the very near future. We also have a tendency to believe that things will always be the same and to be...

3 Journeys

7C investors: 3 Journeys and 28 Names

We introduce 28 hypothetical long-term DIY investors in the UK, at 14 points along 3 journeys to retirement and financial independence – the 7C investors.


UK Private Investor Weekly, 3rd Nov 2014

Weekly roundup for the long-term UK Private investor: active fund fees, paid advice, banks, traded life policies, German property, alternative assets.

Stockopedia 3

Stockopedia at the London Investor Show 2014

The first presentation in the main auditorium at the London Investor Show was by Edward Page-Croft from Stockopedia, a company which sells subscriptions to a stock-screening and ranking service. Most...

London Investor Show

A nice day out – London Investor Show 2014

In the age of gigabit internet and the ubiquitous webinar, you could be forgiven for wondering who still turns up for the traditional exhibition-hall conference. Well, last week I did...