Category: Active investing

Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet

Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet, part 3

In our search for a portfolio tracking spreadsheet, we look at Richard Beddard’s Share Sleuth sheet, recently upgraded to an ‘investment decision engine’

Poprtfolio Tracking Spreadsheet

Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet, part 2

We continue down the path of putting together a portfolio tracking spreadsheet by looking at six candidates to be the foundation of our sheet.

Rate of Return

Rate of Return – Time is not Money

We take a look at Rate of Return: time- and money-weighted, what’s best for fund managers and private investors, and how to tell if you’re adding value.

Stop Losses

Stop Losses

Do Stop Losses really work? We look at the evidence and come up with some rules for using them.

Black Swans

Social Trading and Black Swans

The perils of Social Trading, including survivorship bias and Black Swans – lessons from the FX meltdown after the removal of the Swiss Franc Euro peg.

Social Trading - an experiment

Social Trading – an experiment

I’m not an active trader at the moment, and haven’t been for a few years. One of my resolutions for 2015 is to get back into it, but I’m going...